All-New Ford Ranger at the Melbourne International Motor show 2011


Australia Ranger Challenge - Terry


Australia Ranger Challenge - Creek Steve


Quảng cáo Ford Ranger Hoàn Toàn Mới - Núi


Australia Ranger Challenge - John


Quảng cáo Ford Ranger Hoàn Toàn Mới - Rừng


Ford Ranger

Double cab 4WD

Starting at ₮72 000 000

  • Engine type: 3200cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 10-14 L
  • Horse power: 200
  • Warranty: 3 years or 60,000 km

Mining Ranger

Starting at ₮95 000 000

  • Engine type: 3200cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 12-14 L
  • Horse power: 200
  • Warranty: 3 years or 60,000 km

When it comes to raw power and fuel economy, there can be no compromise. All-New Ranger’s engines deliver the power demanded by the most challenging jobs, while providing the fuel efficiency demanded by our customers

Over 20% improved tyre rolling resistance</b>
					<br/> <br/> Less rolling energy to move means better fuel economy. 6-speed manual transmission</b>
					<br/> <br/> An Upshift Indicator light lets you know when you’re in the best gear for both performance and fuel efficiency, whether you’re towing or cruise. Short, car-like gear shift gives you smooth, precise gear changes. 6-speed automatic transmission</b>
					<br/> <br/> Allows you to maximise power and make the most of Ranger’s payload and towing capacity. Driver Recognition software ensures you’re always in the right gear and holds gears when cornering or driving up or down hills, plus you can select gears manually using the Sequential Sports Shift. High-pressure fuel injection system</b>
					<br/> <br/> Running at 1800bar, this system delivers an extremely precise injection of fuel for more power and torque, and substantially less fuel consumption, emissions and noise. eVGT</b>
					(Variable Geometry Turbocharger)
					<br/> <br/> Provides lower end torque capability for improved pull-away, under load. Image Map

Economy without compromise

Climbing a mountain pass to around 2,800 metres above sea level is a good test of lowdown torque. Especially, if you don’t need your foot on the accelerator to get there.

Engine Performance

A vehicle built for the world has to perform, regardless of local conditions. All-New Ranger’s engines have been proven to perform at extremes, from 400 metres below sea level to 4,500 metres above, and temperatures from -40°C to +50°C.
- Our powerful 3.2 litre diesel engine travels from the hot thick air at sea level to cold thin air at 4500 metres above.
- The performance of the systems that most affect fuel economy is constantly monitored.
- Aerodynamics, drivetrain and axle performances are optimised for increased fuel economy.

“I’m an engineer and haven’t had much time with those who matter. So I challenge New Ford Ranger to take me and my love ones on 3 trips: Trip1 - Travel with friends to remote mountains to camp out. Trip2 - Take my girlfriend to a romantic mountain top to see the sun set. Trip3 - Take my family to make merit at a temple on a mountain. All these trips with only 5,000 Baht in my pocket.”

Mr. Sirichai Jongpeeraput
Engineer, Ratchaburi

The All-New Ranger’s bigger payload and towing capacities are built to get the job done. But it’s the smart technology that helps you confidently keep these loads under control that will really work for you.

Pushing the LIMITS

You may not tackle these extreme conditions on a day-to-day basis, but they’re the best way to demonstrate the full extent of All-New Ranger’s load and control capabilities.


5.9 metre turning Radius on 4x2 Low Rider and Hi-Rider and 6.2 metre on 4x4 models. Previous all-new<br/>
					Ranger Ranger Stronger, more rigid frame Image Map

High strength steel, a new suspension design and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) support the increased payload and towing capacity. A more rigid frame, twice as stiff as the previous model, also delivers a smoother ride.

Tested in the REAL WORLD

We’ve thrown All-New Ranger into all types of test conditions. But what happens when we let people put it to the real life test over a week or two?



When you drive a truck capable of tackling extreme conditions, you want to be sure that its safety features are equal to those extremes. The All-New Ranger sets new standards in safety features, delivering both control and protection.

Traction control vs Locking Rear Diff

Traction control can take you to most places safely. But for all the others, you have the choice of a Locking Rear Diff.

Slip test

Better Braking

Brakes are not just brakes anymore. And they do so much more than just stop your vehicle.

Slip test

The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) works in tandem with ESP to increase safety, even under load. It automatically adjusts its parameters to match both on- and off-road conditions.

Twin-piston callipers<br/>
						<br/> Phenolic pistons reduce weight and improve thermal performance. New coil-over-strut suspension<br/>
						<br/> Improved tuning of upper and lower wishbone for more car-like ride and handling. Bigger brakes<br/>
						<br/> Larger front rotors for optimum brake performance,<br/> even when carrying a load. Hydromount<br/>
						<br/> Offers the ability to damp a broad range of shake inputs for a consistently smooth ride in both the best and most difficult road conditions. Available on select Double and Single Cab diesel models only.

Ranger vs No Grip

An arctic winter will push any traction control system to its limit. Thick snow, ice and split track testing on a hill make a great proving ground.

Class-Leading water wading

A new engine design combined with more power gives the All-New Ranger an unbeaten water wading of 800mm. So you can go places other vehicles can’t.


Tested in the REAL WORLD

We’ve thrown All-New Ranger into all types of test conditions. But what happens when it takes on the challenges real drivers face in their lives every day?


These days, a truck built to work is just as likely to do double duty as an after-hours vehicle. The All-New Ranger has been purpose-built to move between your work life and social and family life, seamlessly.


You expect a truck to be tough and powerful. What you may not expect is the level of technology and design that make this vehicle more comfortable, with voice control, audio control on steering wheel, Cruise Control, and much more.

Ranger vs Ruts and Rolls

The dirt tracks that constitute roads in the outback go from being rock-hard to deeply gouged mud. If your suspension does the job here, it will do it almost anywhere.

Ranger vs Weather

Practical technology means you’re even less likely to be bothered by the weather in the All-New Ranger. It’s all under control.

Class-leading Lefroom

The extra legroom in the back of the Double Cab doesn’t just make it more comfortable. It also makes it more practical. A larger door and re-positioned rear pillar mean both people and work gear get in and out more easily.

Durability Assured

In the end, a truck’s toughness and durability comes down to how well every single component fits together and functions. Before it goes into the real world, the All-New Ranger must pass a series of rigorous quality tests.

Quality control

Cold comfort

Rattle track

Tested in the REAL WORLD

We’ve thrown All-New Ranger into all types of test conditions. But what happens when we let people put it to the real life test over a week or two?

Quality control

International Awards

Ford Ranger

3.2L I-5 diesel engine with 6 speed manual transmisssion S S S
255/70R16 Tire on 16 inch Steel Wheel S
255/70R16 Tire on 16 inch Alloy Wheel S
255/70R16 Tire on 17 inch Alloy Wheel S
Pre Equipment Pack (No Audio) - Faceplate, 4 Speakers & Antenna S
Base display AM/FM/MP3/CD w/4 - Speakers S
Single DIN AM/FM/CD/MP3/ w/4 - Speakers S
4.2 Color Display AM/FM/CD/MP3/Aux/BVC (Eng) w/4 - Speakers 2 Twtrs S
Front Bench - 60/40 Split w/2-Pt. Seat Belts & Fixed D-Ring
Front HB Buckets - Driver 2-Way Manual Adjust w/Lumbar S S
Front HB Buckets - Driver 4-Way Manual Adjust w/Lumbar & Map Pocket S
Vinyl S
Cloth - Base fabric S S
Cloth - Premium fabric S
Air Bags - Driver only
Air Bags - Driver and Front passenger S S S
Air Bags - Side Certain Air Bags S
Battery - Heavy Duty S
Beltminder - Driver & Front passenger S
Brakes - Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) S S S
Cab Protection - Load Rest/Cab Protector S
Limited Slip Differential (LSD) S S S
Rear Park Assist
Remote Keyless Entry S S S
Volumetric Alarm S S
Bedliner - Load Box S
Bumper - Front Body Color S S
Bumper - Rear Plastic Black S
Bumper - Rear Plastic Body Color S S
Bumper - Rear Steel Step Accent Color
Fog Lamps S S
Mirror - Manual Adjust/Manual Fold Back/As Molded S
Mirror - Power Adjust/Manual Fold Back/As Molded S S
Mirror - Power Adjust/Manual Fold Back/Chrome S
Sports Bar - Tubular w/HMSL S
Sports Bar - Sports Hoop w/HMSL
Step Bars - Tubular Steel Silver S
Tie Downs - Inner (inside load box) S S
Tie Downs - Outer (along side of load box) S
Air Conditioning - Manual Single Zone S S S
Cruise Control S
Door Locking - Power (w/spare manual key) S S
Door Locking - Power (w/spare flip key) S
External Temperature Display S
Floor Covering - Vinyl S
Floor Covering - Carpet S S S
Floor Mats - Front (driver only) S S S
Heater (PTC) S S S
Rear Window Defroster S S S
Smoker's Pack - Ashtray w/Cigar Lighter S S S
Steering Wheel - Leather w/Audio Controls
Sunvisor - Driver & Passenger (mirror on passenger side only) S S
Window - Manual S
Windom - Power/1 Touch Down Driver S S


3600 Ford Ranger

Aurora Blue,Black Mica,Cool White,Copper Red,Gunmetal Blue,Highlight Silver,Metropolitan Gray,Sparkling Gold,True Red