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All-New Range Rover 2013


Range Rover


Starting at ₮425,000,000

  • Engine type: 4400cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 13 - 18 L
  • Horse power: 339
  • Warranty: 3 years or 100,000 km

V6 Supercharged Vogue

Starting at ₮403,000,000

  • Engine type: 3000cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 13 - 18 L
  • Horse power: 339
  • Warranty: 3 years or 100,000 km

V8 Autobiography SWB

Starting at ₮430,000,000

  • Engine type: 5000cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 15 - 25 L
  • Horse power: 510
  • Warranty: 3 years or 100,000 km

Evolution of a Classic

Modern Interpretation of Iconic Design

Taut and structured, the shape is more distinctive. The signature clamshell hood, floating roof, deep imposing grille, slide fender vents, and headlamp graphics have the familiar Range Rover presence, while the front of the vehicle is subtly different. The optimized proportions and sleeker lines are a modern interpretation redesigned with three and a half thousand new parts.

Iconic Design

Streamlined Aerodynamic Form

Building on Range Rover’s distinctive design, the silhouette is now gently tapered and more curved. The equivalent of 170 years of processor time was spent to optimize aerodynamic performance. With a roofline 0.79 inches lower in the access mode, the all-new Range Rover is the most aerodynamic ever.

Aerodynamic Form

3-Line Design Principle

The all new Range Rover achieves perfectly balanced proportions of the marque's three classic lines. The lower accent graphic, roofline and belt line that flows around the vehicle give it a unique sense of composure and unmistakable form. This balance manifests in the details as well. The ratio of the wheelbase to the overhang enhances the flowing elegance, while the glass to body proportions convey strength and durability. This combination makes it uniquely

3-Line design

Distinctive Design Details

Designers have looked to best-in-class innovations in other fields for modern interpretations of classic design cues. The distinctive headlamps were inspired by the technical graphics of a camera lens. It's this essential

“The signature clamshell hood, floating roof, deep inposing grille and headlamp graphics have the familiar Range Rover presence. Yet a closer look reveals subtle differences; the new silhouette is gently tapered and more curved giving the vehicle a more streamlined, aerodynamic share.”

Richard Woolley
Land Rover Design Studio Director

Signature Interior Design

The designers set out to create a supremely comfortable interior that retains the best-in-class Range Rover design cues while giving it a fresh, contemporary treatment.

"Exceptional attention to detail has given the driving environment a sense of calm and wellbeing. There is little to distract the eye. The fascia is clean and intuitive, storage compartments are virtually invisible until opened, and clever spaces keep the cabin clutter free."

James Watkins
Advanced Designer

Refined Console

The clean, contemporary instrument panel has 50% fewer switches. It delivers a more elegant environment and ensures the driver remains calm and in control. The beautiful sculptured, veneer surface draws attention to the sheer quality of the materials.

Intuitive Interior

The all-new Range Rover has been designed to be intuitive for the most comfortable ride. The classic Range Rover design cues, such as the bold intersection between horizontal instrument panel and the vertical center stack, have been retained and given a fresh, contemporary treatment. The broader, more refined center console has 50% fewer switches with the most essential controls within easy reach, while the clean, elegant surfaces with fine leathers and veneers give a feeling of serenity and calm.

Command Driving Position

No matter how chaotic the traffic, Range Rover's legendary command driving position rises above it. From the captain's seat, the raised view of the road gives a feeling of complete control and confidence.

Range Rover Heritage

Since the first generation launch, the Range Rover has firmly established itself as one of the most significant vehicles in the history of motoring. It remains the ultimate choice for the luxury SUV customer

"Following over forty years of success, designing the next generation Range Rover, and protecting such an icon's DNA, came with a huge responsibility. The four elements of our Design Strategy: Luxury, Sustainability, Relevant Functionality and Desirability were at the very core of our thinking. The result is an all-new

Gerry McGovern
Land Rover Design Director and
Chief Creative Officer

Four Generations

By the 1960s, discerning clients were looking for a more refined vehicle offering both power and capability. By combining the long travel, coil spring suspension for on-road comfort and off-road axle articulation with the torque and power of the 3.5-liter V8, the first generation Range Rover was the first fully capable luxury 4x4. An iconic position it has held for over four decades.

Sensation of Space and Light

The lighter aluminium structure of the new Range Rover has inspired the design team to find new ways of introducing space and light to the cabin.

Natural light

In the all-new Range Rover, the designers have flooded the interior with as much natural light as possible. This provides the feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness and purity for the occupants, giving them the feeling of traveling through an environment rather than being shielded from it.

Panoramic Roof

The optional full-size panoramic roof has been cleverly engineered to maximize its length and width. Flooding the interior with light, this sliding panoramic roof creates the feeling of space and a connection to the outside environment. Yet the full-length power blind gives privacy at the touch of a button.

Interior Mood Lighting

The clean, elegant lines and premium materials of the interior are enhanced by carefully detailed LED mood lighting that brings the cabin alive at night. Following the lines of the veneer surface of the centre console, the lighting offers 10 colors which can be chosen to suit your taste and mood.

On-Road Experience

The on-road experience of the all-new Range Rover has been transformed with improved on-road handling and more confident, agile cornering.

Torque-Rich Engines

The all-new Range Rover delivers swift and effortless performance with its highly acclaimed line-up of torque-rich engines. Choose one of two engines 5.0-litre 375 HP LR-V8 and 510 HP R-V8 Supercharged

Advanced 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Tuned by Range Rover engineers, the electronically controlled ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic gearbox in the all-new Range Rover combines silky-smooth shifting with exceptionally rapid response and outstanding fuel economy. Each shift can be completed in just 200 milliseconds using either the Rotary Shifter in the center console or the Paddle Shift conveniently mounted on the steering wheel.

Intelligent All-Terrain Performance

True to its Land Rover heritage, the all-new Range Rover has been engineered to thrive across all terrains.

Terrain Response®2

A team of Land Rover technical specialists have developed the next generation version of Terrain Response® system. It features a sophisticated 'intelligent' system that analyzes current driving conditions and automatically selects the most suitable terrain program. Each setting optimizes driveability and traction by adapting the responses from the engine, gearbox, center differential and chassis systems to match the terrain's demands, giving the ultimate in ride comfort.

Terrain Response

All-Terrain Safety Technologies

The all-new Range Rover has one of the most sophisticated range of safety aids. A unique suite of all-terrain technologies help maximize performance and safety during challenging maneuvers, including Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control, Hill Start Assist, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control and Roll Stability Control.

Safety Technology

“Dynamically, the all-new Range Rover is a revelation. Terrain Response® 2 puts the vehicle’s full capabilities at the driver’s command. This next generation system is designed to monitor driving conditions and automatically optimizes the vehicle’s settings to suit the terrain.”

Nick Rogers
Director, Range Rover Programs

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Inspired by aerospace innovations, the all-new Range Rover is the first SUV with an all-aluminium structure, improving performance and efficiency.

Lightweight All-Aluminium Body

Inspired by high-performance, lightweight aerospace structures, the all-aluminium structure is 39% lighter than a steel body for more agile and responsive handling. The body absorbs more energy per lbs than steel so it has also been engineered to withstand punishing off-road impacts and improve collision safety.

Improved Fuel Economy & CO2 Emissions

The vehicle's lightweight aluminium platform has helped to deliver significant enhancements in performance, fuel economy and CO2 emissions. It began a virtuous circle of weight reduction elsewhere in the vehicle, as lighter driveline and chassis components can be adopted in line with the reduced loads. It also made it possible to introduce the sophisticated, smaller engine that contributes to a dramatic increase in fuel economy and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Land Rover Breadth of Capability

From the very start of the development process, the all-new Range Rover has been designed and engineered to deliver the incredible breadth of capability for which the marque is famous.

Improved Wading Depth

The all-new Range Rover's wading performance has been further improved to a depth of up to nearly 3 ft. An innovative air intake system draws air between the inner and outer hood panels at the sides of the vehicle before it flows down into the intake system.


Tested Beyond

Like all Land Rover models, the all-new Range Rover has survived a legendary testing regime. It began with 1.5 million hours of Computer Aided Engineering tests followed by more than 20,000 physical tests conducted over 18 months in 20 countries in extreme climates and conditions. The result was more than 100 all new engineering standards to be adopted.


Best-In-Class Towing Capability

Range Rover already had a position as the best towing vehicle in its class with a 3,500kg (7,716 lbs) trailer capability. With a new Electrically Deployable Tow Bar, it further improves its position. The Tow Bar is ready to use in seconds. If an obstruction is detected, it automatically stows itself away again. For added convenience the surround camera system (where fitted) contains features such as trailer reverse park guidance and trailer hitch guidance. All vehicles are fitted with trailer stability control as standard.

Enhanced Body Geometry

Carefully optimized for all-terrain off-road conditions, the all-new Range Rover provides 0.49 inches more ground clearance delivering improved approach and departure angles. The vehicle's underfloor has been specially designed to provide a smooth surface, with an even transition between suspension components, thereby reducing susceptibility to damage or interference.

Peerless Ride Quality

A state-of-the-art chassis and the latest suspension technologies deliver the effortless ride for which

Advanced Chassis Technologies

The latest technologies have contributed to the all-new Range Rover's balanced and controlled ride, including Adaptive Dynamics. The system continuously monitors vehicle movements 500 times/sec, reacting to driver or road inputs virtually instantaneously. This gives greater control and minimizes body roll, providing a composed, smooth ride regardless of the road condition.

All-New Lightweight Suspension

Developed with an extensive Land Rover research program the all-new Range Rover's state-of-the-art chassis has a new lightweight suspension architecture and four-corner air suspension system. The result is best-in-class vehicle dynamics and wheel travel capable of dealing with the toughest conditions together with confident and effortless handling.


Driving Aid Technologies

The all-new Range Rover is packed with smart, relevant technologies providing a relaxed driving experience.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist

The latest driver assistance features available to enhance comfort and safety include an enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control. This is an improved cruise control system that helps maintain a pre-set gap from the vehicle in front, even if it changes speed. Queue Assist extends this functionality. It is designed to allow the vehicle to come to a stop in stop-and-go traffic.


Blind Spot Monitor and Closing Vehicle Sensing

Using sensors mounted on the sides and rear bumper, these systems are designed to see what might be missed. When a vehicle enters a blind spot, a warning light will show in the corresponding door mirror. Closing Vehicle Sensing scans a zone much further behind the vehicle, to help detect vehicles which are closing quickly from behind, and which could cause a threat during a lane change maneuver.


Reverse Traffic Detection

Using radar detectors in the rear of the vehicle, the system is designed to warn drivers about potential collisions during reversing maneuvers. The system can help detect a vehicle approaching from either side. When a target vehicle with a credible 'time to collision' is detected (a collision within three seconds or less), the system alerts the driver. Three warnings are given: an indicator lights up in the corresponding door mirror, an audible alert is sounded and a warning symbol is displayed on the camera screen.


Park Assist

Park Assist automated technology uses ultrasonic sensors to identify parking spaces and help drivers to parallel park in tight spots. The system uses a cluster screen to prompt drivers through each stage and then automatically steers the vehicle into place.

High-End Meridian™ Audio System

For total listening pleasure in all seating positions, the all-new Range Rover features exclusive new state-of-the-art audio systems by Meridian, a world leader in audio technologies and digital sound processing.

Meridian™ Audio Systems

Developed with Meridian™ specialists, the Range Rover premium audio systems feature state-of-the-art amplifiers to ensure perfectly optimised sound quality, and high-efficiency speakers for exceptional clarity and dynamics. The Audyssey MultEQ XT audio tuning system digitally corrects any imperfections created by the cabin environment to deliver accurate, enveloping, and distortion-free sound for all seating positions.


Signature Reference Audio System

An exceptional system has been specially developed to offer the ultimate 3D surround sound experience for all seating positions. There are three systems available, ranging up to the stunning 1700W Signature Reference system which has 29 high-efficiency speakers including a subwoofer for exceptional clarity and dynamics with additional speakers mounted at roof level for highly optimised sound quality.

Serene Cabin Experience

With its refined and tranquil interior, the all-new Range Rover provides all occupants with a supremely relaxing and comfortable environment.

"If we compare the vehicle to other competitors, one of our tests that we do is a 100 mph test on a controlled road surface, and in those conditions Range Rover is quieter than any other SUV in its class."

Mick Cameron
Range Rover, Vehicle Engineering Manager

Harmonious & Serene Cabin

To provide the sense of serene isolation from the world outside, advanced computer simulations have helped to eliminate all unwanted engine noise without compromising power. A range of detailed innovations has reduced wind, road and powertrain noise. The optimised body structure, acoustic lamination of the windscreen and side door glass, as well as new dual isolated engine mounts ensure the Range Rover is best in class for on-road refinement.


Superior Material Quality

The flawless execution and attention to detail for which Range Rover is renowned has been raised to a new level with immaculate craftsmanship and superior material quality and finish.

Premium Leather

Beautifully soft, and with tailored hand-stitching, the type of leather is determined by model choice, and enhances the cabin, covering virtually every surface from the seats and instrument panel to the doors and headlining. The Range Rover Vogue SE and Autobiography features Semi-Aniline leather with high-grade hides hand picked for their exceptional suppleness and natural appearance.


Luxurious Veneers

Veneers and finishes of the highest quality highlight the bold architecture of the interior. The sculptured real wood veneer surfaces of the centre console and door panels are obtained from sustainable sources and then exquisitely hand finished by experienced craftsmen.


Twin Needle Stitch

The sumptuous leather seats and wrapped interior surfaces are finished with tailored twin-needle stitching specified precisely by Range Rover experts. From the length and direction of the stitching, to the thickness and material of the thread, even the size and shape of the needle is defined, to guarantee that the highest quality finish is delivered consistently.

Luxury Rear Compartment

Providing enhanced rear seat luxury was a major priority for the all-new Range Rover, and the new model raises the experience for rear seat passengers to a new level.

Spacious Rear Compartment

Travelling in the back of a Range Rover feels indulgent. By optimising the vehicle package around a longer wheelbase, there is now over one metre of legroom while knee room matches best in class. The second row is raised, giving passengers a view of the road ahead almost as good as the driver's. All without compromise to the front row.


"Upholstered in beautiful leathers and veneers, with immaculate metal finishing touches, the rear cabin is a pleasure to spend time in. There's now more space, the rear bench seats have power recline and there's an independent climate control system. Rear Executive Class Seating with two separate, individual leather seats with massage functionality and a rear centre console can also be chosen."

Jo Slater
Colour and Materials Specialist

Rear Executive Class Seating

For the ultimate in rear seat luxury, the new Rear Executive Class Seating option provides two individual seats separated by an elegant veneered centre console. This configuration allows for more space and added comfort including seat memory functionality and massage. USB and power connections, climate control and an optional cool box complete the package.

The Ultimate Tailored Vehicle

To enable customers to create their perfect vehicle, the ambience of the all-new Range Rover can be extensively tailored with an array of colours, finishes and special details.

18,000 Combinations

With over 18,000 combinations of exterior and interior choices, the all-new Range Rover offers an outstanding range of options and special details for the ultimate bespoke vehicle. This includes a selection of colour options, 7 alloy wheel designs and immaculately trimmed, colour-themed interiors, along with exterior accents to further personalise the experience.

Intuitive Convenience

Each aspect of the new Range Rover has been meticulously refined and optimised with uncompromised luxury in mind, with added comfort and convenience in every detail.

Powered Split Tailgate

The characteristic Range Rover split tailgate is now fully power operated. The lower gate, useful as a viewing platform for social and sporting events, has been redesigned making it easier to access contents inside. And because the upper gate is now longer it helps give extra protection from the elements. For convenience, both gates are electronically operated via the key fob, tailgate controls or from the driver's seat.


Soft Door Close

All operating sounds within the new Range Rover, including the door-closing sounds, have been rigorously analysed and refined to create a harmonious and premium sound quality for all occupants. The Soft Door Close controls the closure of the last 6mm of travel to eliminate jarring noise.


Premium Infotainment

Drivers can access a Dual View front screen and full hard disk based Navigation System with a traffic message channel. While passengers can watch Rear Seat Entertainment on two seatback 8-inch colour screens with dedicated touch-screen remote control and cordless headphones – perfect for PlayStation gaming or viewing TV and DVDs.

Climate Control and Park Heat

Choose three-zone climate control, with separate controls for driver, front passenger and rear seats. The optional four-zone climate control helps give more control to rear passengers. Remote Park Heat with Timed Climate enables you to pre-heat or cool the vehicle with remote control and seven-day timer.

Surround Camera System

Five cameras situated around the vehicle incorporate T-junction view and provide an almost complete 360º view. The touch-screen ensures objects below the line of sight are visible. Towing Assist is another Land Rover first, to guide drivers for coupling a trailer as well as with the trajectory of the trailer when reversing.


Арын гэрэл Салон Урд гэрэл Тэнхлэгээ өндөрлөх

International Awards

(EN) | (MN)


Vogue AB Vogue AB
LR-V8 Supercharged (5.0L 375kW / 510PS) na na S S
LR-SDV8 Diesel (4.4L 250kW / 339PS) S S na na
Dynamic Response S S S S
20 inch brake calipers S S S S
Diesel misfuel protection device (TDV6 and SDV8 only) S S S S
Eight speed automatic transmission S S S S
Twin speed low range transfer gearbox S S S S
Permanent four wheel drive S S S S
Adaptive dynamics S S S S
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) S S S S
Cornering Brake Control (CBC) S S S S
Drive select rotary shifter S S S S
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) S S S S
Electric parking brake S S S S
Electronic air suspension (with variable ride height) S S S S
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), S S S S
Electronic cross linked air suspension with automatic load levelling and multiple modes, access, normal, intermediate off-road, extended height S S S S
Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) S S S S
Electronic stability program S S S S
Electronic Traction Control (ETC) S S S S
Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) S S S S
Hill Descent Control (HDC) S S S S
Locking fuel flap (Non locking for the USA) S S S S
Roll Stability Control (RSC) S S S S
Reactive grounding response S S S S
Terrain Response® S S S S
Trailer stability control S S S S
Metal roof S S S S
Body coloured roof S S S S
Exterior standard bumper pack (Not available with dark atlas exterior accents pack 1-4) na S na S
Atlas side vent graphic (Not available if dark atlas exterior packs are called) O O O O
Twin Tailpipes S S S S
Acoustic laminated windscreen S S S S
Adjustable, heated, power fold exterior mirrors with approach lamps and memory with "driver selectable" auto reverse dipping S S S S
Body colour mirror caps S S S S
Heated off screen wiper park position (manual lift away from screen) S S S S
Heated rear window S S S S
Power windows (front and rear) with remote power locking (global close) S S S S
Rain sensing windscreen wipers S S S S
Rear wash wiper S S S S
Heated windscreen, laminated hydrophobic front door & toughened rear door & qtr light S na S na
Heated windscreen, laminated hydrophobic front door & laminated rear door & qtr light na S na S
Adjustable, auto dimming, heated, powerfold memory exterior mirrors with approach lamps (approach lamps inc illuminated Range Rover branding) S S S S
Metallic paint S S S S
Premium metallic paint O O O O
Automatic headlamps S S S S
Centre high mounted stop lamp (CHMSL) S S S S
Daytime running lights (DRL's) (See territorial for market applicability) S S S S
Front park distance sensors with visual display S S S S
Follow-me-home lighting S S S S
LED rear lamps S S S S
Rear fog lamps S S S S
Rear park distance sensors with visual display S S S S
Side repeater indicators in mirror S S S S
Xenon headlamps with LED signature lighting, automatic levelling and power wash S S S S
3,500kg gross towing load S S S S
Electrical towing preparation S S S S
Front and rear recovery hooks S S S S
Electrically deployable towbar (includes electrics and armature) O O O O
20 inch 5 split spoke style 2 S nco S nco
Full size spare wheel, Includes toolkit & spare wheel lift assist for 21" & 22" wheels S S S S
Tyre pressure monitoring system O O O O
3-Zone climate control S S S S
Aluminium tread plates with Range Rover lettering S S S S
Auto-dimming interior mirror S S S S
Driver and passenger twin blade sunvisor with illuminated vanity mirror (single blade sunvisor on HSE) S S S S
Front and rear cupholders S S S S
Front and rear grab handles S S S S
Front centre console compartment S S S S
Interior mood lighting S S S S
Secure glove box stowage S S S S
Twin blade sunvisor (Not available on HSE as a standalone option. When Alston is chosen on HSE it is a linked option) S S S S
Customer configurable interior mood lighting O S O S
Smokers pack (front and rear cigar lighter & ash tray) O O O O
Front & rear carpet mats S na S na
Illuminated Aluminium Tread Plates with Range Rover lettering O na O na
Illuminated Aluminium Tread Plates with Autobiography lettering na S na S
Cruise control S S S S
Push button start S S S S
Oxford Leather Seat Style 15 O na O na
12 way drivers / 12 way passenger front seats S S S S
Heated/Cooled front and rear seats S S S S
Massage front seats with adjustable seat bolsters S S S S
Driver and passenger memory S S S S
Rear bench seat with load through facility with rear power recline S S S S
4 way rear seat power lumbar S S S S
Passenger seat away S S S S
Standard headrest front & rear (4 way tilt) S na S na
Driver and passenger front seat armrests S S S S
Map pockets (rear of front seats) S S S S
Rear bench seat with load through facility S S S S
Rear centre armrest (including rear storage compartment on RSE variant) S S S S
Seat anchorages /ISOFIX S S S S
Heated Front Seats S S S S
Oxford leather S na S na
Semi aniline leather na S na S
Figured Macassar S S S S
Shadow Walnut O nco O nco
Morzine headlining (Cirrus & Ivory) S na S na
Alston headlining (Cirrus, Ivory or Ebony, with leather handle. Only available with twin blade sunvisor) O S O S
Leather steering wheel with multi-functional controls S S S S
Power adjustable steering column (entry and exit tilt away with reach and rake) S S S S
Heated wood & leather steering wheel (Steering wheel will match veneer choice) O S O S
Front visual display S S S S
Park assist (Not available with active rear locking differential. Linked to rear camera. For Europe must be ordered with surround camera) O O O O
Rear view camera S na S na
Adaptive cruise control with queue assist with intelligent emergency braking O O O O
Soft Door Close (Must order with Keyless Entry) S S S S
Keyless entry S S S S
Cruise control S S S S
Push button start S S S S
Remote park heat with timed climate O O O O
Load compartment light S S S S
Loadspace cover (hinged with hardcover) S S S S
Loadspace anchor points S S S S
Loadspace rails and lockable cross beam O O O O
Power upper & lower trunk/tailgate O S O S
Active Speed Limiter (ASL) S S S S
Customer configurable autolock (doors lock on driveaway) S S S S
Driver and passenger airbags (side, seat-front, thorax and pelvis) S S S S
Front height adjustable seat belts S S S S
Hazard lights under heavy braking S S S S
Perimetric alarm with engine immobilisation S S S S
Power operated child locks S S S S
Single point entry, customer configurable S S S S
Perimetric alarm S S S S
8" Touch Screen S S S S
Auxiliary power sockets (front, second row and loadspace 12 volt) S S S S
Bluetooth® Phone connection S S S S
Bluetooth® audio streaming S S S S
Full TFT / LCD instrument cluster S S S S
Hard disk navigation system S S S S
Meridian audio system S S S S
Off road navigation S S S S
TMC (Dynamic Route Guidance) S S S S
USB sockets S S S S
User selectable screen savers S S S S
Voice Control - "Say what you see" Intuitive Voice Control (SWYS) S S S S
Meridian audio system (380w) S na S na
Bluetooth® phone connection S S S S
Touch screen with dual view technology (inc 1 set of wireless headphones) O O O O
Pack 1 (P1) - Vision assist pack (Not available in conjunction with Pack 5) O na O na
Reverse traffic detection with blind spot monitor and closing vehicle sensing S S S S
Adaptive xenon headlamps S S S S
Automatic headlamps with high beam assist S S S S
Front fog lamps S S S S
Terrain Response® 2 S S S S
Adjustable, auto dimming, heated, powerfold exterior mirrors with approach lamps (approach lamps inc illuminated range rover branding) S S S S
Surround camera system S S S S
Pack 4 (P4) - Climate comfort pack front & rear (Not available in conjunction with Pack 3 and Pack 6) O na O na
Oxford leather seat style 15 S S S S
Front centre console cooler compartment S S S S
4 zone climate control S S S S
Solar attenuating glass with privacy S S S S
Pack 9 (P9) - Technology pack (Not available in conjunction with Pack 7) O na O na
Rear seat entertainment system S S S S
TV - Analogue/Digital S S S S
TV - Digital S S S S
Winged headrest front S S S S


3600 All-New Range Rover

Fuji White,Aleutian Silver (Metallic),Indus Silver (Metallic),Luxor (Premium Metallic),Corris Grey (Metallic),Scotia Grey (Metallic),Nara Bronze (Metallic),Causeway Grey (Premium Metallic),Firenze Red (Metallic),Aintree Green (Metallic),Loire Blue (Metallic),Santorini Black (Metallic), Mariana Black (Premium Metallic),Barossa (Premium Metallic),Havana (Premium Metallic),Barolo Black (Premium Metallic)